GTA San Andreas Boys Screensaver 2.5.2

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Spectacular screensaver with the male characters from Grand Theft Auto.

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular videogames of the past decade, recreating spectacular thefts of all types of vehicles: buses, ships, motorbikes, cars, trucks, planes, helicopters, etc, taking place in three large cities.

The player, who starts with five lives, can steal vehicles and commit other crimes, like running people over, or killing civilians. In other words you can go on your own personal crime wave, the more violent and audacious the better, because everything you do that's illegal gains points. Obviously the name of the game is to score as many points as possible. But if you can do so while breaking the law and doing crazy things not possible in the real world (unless you want to go to jail!) then why not?

So, fans of this game will love this GTA San Andreas Boys Screensaver 1.0, which faithfully reproduces the world of organized crime: the Japanese and Italian mafia, gangsters from the USA, etc, but concentrates exclusively on the male characters. So if, while you are driving around committing your crimes, you come across a particular male character that you like, who's maybe impressed by your crazy actions in GTA, then why not download him to your desktop in order for him to pop up as a screensaver when your PC is idle? He'll remind you of your glories and victories in GTA, and he's free to download!


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